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polls put him down by about 3 percentage points, and democrats here figure romney's still got a way to win nationally, even though last night his efforts seemed to get back on track. republicans in denver, mitt romney declared his campaign is rejuvenated. >> we're going to take back the white house. >> reporter: a new mood after many saw a new mitt romney last night. >> let's get back to medicare. the president said that the government can provide the service at lower cost, and without a profit. >> reporter: in control, assertive. presidential. while barack obama kept his eyes and his energy low. >> it's very rare that impressionistically stylistically there's such a clear triumph of one side over the other. >> reporter: at a rally in denver the president admitted he got surprised. >> when i got onto the stage, i met this very spirited fellow who claimed to be mitt romney.
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>> reporter: later today at a huge rally in wisconsin, the president charged romney changed what he said on spending and taxes. >> he may do a tap dance and two-step, but if you want to be president, then you owe the american people the truth. >> reporter: some felt mr. obama owed them a better debate. >> he looked like he was tired, drained. >> i think he didn't have the practice. >> you more worried obama might lose now? >> i don't know, not really. >> reporter: obama strategists hint the boss learned a lesson. >> he'll review it, and if he wants to make changes in the next debate, he'll do so. >> reporter: romney strategists say only that changed about their guy was his audience. >> a lot of people saw him for the first time, not in a 30-second attack ad or snippet on the news. but got to hear him directly. >> reporter: romney's hoping the debate strengthens his poll numbers in battleground states.
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tomorrow there's a new factor, a jobs report that looks like it will help president obama. showing fewer layoffs. live from denver, i'm steve handelsman, news4. >> less than an hour to go until governor romney takes the stage in northern virginia. it's the first time he and paul ryan have campaigned together in the commonwealth since ryan was introduced as the gop running mate in norfolk. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey is live in fishersville, virginia. the romney supporters must be feeling reenergized tonight. >> reporter: hey, doreen, i would have to describe the atmosphere here festive. thousands have packed into this location to show mitt romney exactly what they think of his debate performance last night. telling us in fact the roads into this venue have been backed up for miles, folks making their way in here. this is a solidly red part of virginia. but even here romney backers say the debate inspires them to get
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behind this ticket in a whole new way. decked out in romney t-shirts and buttons, supporters lined up early in the shenandoah valley to see both mitt romney and paul ryan. most here say it was governor romney's performance in the debate that has them suddenly pumped up about the ticket's prospects on election day. >> i didn't feel excited like i did in the last election, with sarah palin and john mccain. so after last night, i got that adrenaline going and i'm pumped up and ready to roll. >> we had a drendrenaline that wouldn't believe. >> reporter: mitt romney will spend three of the first five post-debate days in this battleground state. even here, romney supporters admit before the debate they were worried about polls that showed their candidate behind. even their enthusiasm was luke-warm. >> with romney, before last night, i would say we were 50%, 55%. after last night we're at 100%. >> last night was energizing.
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it was neat to see him answer questions clearly with detail on questions that i had questions about myself. >> reporter: but obama advisers know their target audience is undecided and swing voters. they quickly rolled out this ad that romney's tax plan wouldn't hurt the middle class. romney supporters are convinced their candidate has changed the course of this campaign. and some are changing their plans, too, to start actively working on his behalf. >> i feel he opened up more to the american people which is something i felt needed to be done. and we're definitely going to volunteer and put more in for romney. >> reporter: now, mitt romney will spend two of the next four days in virginia. tomorrow he heads down to coal country. and on monday he's announced he'll make an important foreign policy address using the virginia military institute as his back drop. julie carey, news4. >> stay for continuing decision
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2012 coverage on nbc we are checking the facts. find out what the candidates got wrong during last night's debate on our news page. a developing story now. fbi agents are on the scene of the attack that killed ambassador chris stevens and others in ben dpazy, libya, last month. the investigators are collecting forensic evidence. they have not been able to examine the consulate until now because of the potential threat from regional militia. that's in syria, by the way. nbc news has learned that u.s. special operations forces are protecting the fbi team in benghazi. ambassador stevens, a computer expert and two former navy s.e.a.l.s were killed in a terror attack at the consulate back on september 11th. there is ab alert tonight for hundreds of patients in maryland and virginia. a meningitis outbreak has health officials warning people who were treated at several health care facilities. today a patient in tennessee
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became the fifth victim to die from the infection. there are 36 cases recorded across six states. richard jordan is in baltimore where health officials just released the new details. >> reporter: jim, this is typically used to treat back pain, but now several people have died, one in maryland and one in virginia. doctors here say they've been able to pinpoint a two-month time frame where this injection was distributed and they think they know where it came from. >> we were notified by centers for disease control -- >> reporter: the state department of mental health and hi hygiene say patients are at risk of having meningitis. a facility in massachusetts where the injections were mixed and shipped out. there, doctors believe a fungus
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contaminated the product. nine facilities received shipments of the questionable steroid injections. >> this case, there were human cases, and it was tracked back to the product. >> reporter: the meningitis outbreak has reached six states with five deaths, but doctors fear the number of those with meningitis may get higher. >> we believe that there are probably hundreds of patients who may have received an injection, and those cases are currently under investigation. >> reporter: those who received a steroid injection at one of the sites linked to the massachusetts facility should watch out for symptoms. >> people with meningitis can have fever, worsening headache, neck stiffness, other problems with their neurologic system. they can have shock, and they can have death. >> reporter: virginia's health department has identified two clinics in southwest virginia that may have this contaminated steroid injection. they have not named those
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clinics. however, maryland has named a clinic, and you can find the list of seven on our website live in baltimore, richard jordan, news4. take a look at this police sketch of a man who investigators believe is responsible for five sexual assaults in fairfax county. police in springfield say the man is in his mid-30s, he's about 5'8" tall with dark eyes and neatly trimmed beard. they say in the past month, the man has attacked five people, all but one a teenage girl. the latest happened tuesday night on hipling avenue, a 15-year-old girl told police a man grabbed her from behind and assaulted her. a manhunt under way for a missing teenager. brian glen dropped his brother off at w.t. woodson high school. police found his car but no sign of glen. pat collins is in fairfax with the latest on the search. pat? >> reporter: doreen, so what's
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happened to brian glen? missing now more than three days. and still no answers. they searched last night, and they were back again today. this time with more cops, and that helicopter again. looking all around the park trying to find brian glen. you think he's in harm's way? >> it's hard for me to believe that he would go this long without contacting us if he weren't. and we had no reason to believe that he's a runaway. >> reporter: brian glen a senior at w.t. woodson high. monday morning he dropped his younger brother off and kept on going. a short time later, he went to this dunkin' donuts. the next day, his car found here at the park. but no sign of brian glen. surveillance video shows that on monday morning, about 8:00 a.m., brian went to this dunkin'
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donuts, and bought six doughnuts. he walked away, and a short time later came back and bought a bottle of water. his parents think that's unusual, because in his car he had his lunch for school, and a bottle of water. when police found his car, the doughnuts were gone, both bottles of water had been opened, but his lunch was still there. now, as the search went on in the woods, evidence techs at brian's house going through his computer, going through his cell phone, looking for any clues that might lead to his whereabouts. why so much police attention to this missing persons case? a police spokesperson said there are unusual circumstances here. there is no evidence so far that this young man is missing because of anything that he did.
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you're worried? >> i am, i'm very worried. >> reporter: now, the search has been called off for the night. the next move, the next move is up to the detectives. live in fairfax, i'm pat collins, news4. the d.c. taxi cab commission had approved a $1 fee. they did that yesterday. a couple of hours later they pulled it back. the commissioner says they pulled it back because of pressure from mayor gray. fans are quite happy about that. but some longtime residents are more concerned that the city is not prepared for the play-off crowds. d.c. transportation officials and the police say they will spread out extra staff as far as a mile from the ballpark in order to keep traffic moving. >> we're going to do the bes we can to manage the crowds. not just cars, but pedestrians. everyone tends to all go at one time. >> there are still things to be
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worked out but we're hopeful over the next few weeks won't be a nightmare for residents. >> the first play-off game is next wednesday. enjoy this mild weather while you can. we've got changes moving in just in time for the weekend. veronica johnson has a look at the conditions out there right now. hey, v.j. >> hey there, doreen and jim. yeah, we're going to move through several seasons over the next couple of days, believe it or not. so, yeah, a lot of folks enjoying today. absolutely gorgeous conditions now that we've got the front out of here. the fog from this morning, too, again, and that cloud cover. temperatures still hanging out in the 70s, from 75 in gaithersburg, to 79 in manassas. 80 down south in fredericksburg, virginia. overnight it gets a little cool. then we warm up again. major changes will be coming our way this weekend. again, we're going to move through a couple of different seasons. the latest on this crazy weather coming up. coming up, turkey takes decisive new action after a
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deadly syrian mortar strike. a snake bite may have killed a virginia man in his own home. we're getting our first look at the new metro escalators that will change the commute for thousands of people. and a redskins fan found a way to celebrate the burgundy, gold,
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over in veil yeah, they had a fire that forced the evacuation of more than 100 kids from their school today. it happened in the new south wales park on the coast there. firefighters dropped water from the air. it took them more than four hours to get the fire under control. nobody was injured but the flames destroyed two buildings of a nearby business. this is the beginning of australia's brush fire season. fire officials say the summer has been drier than last year. a man doesn't expect to face any charges. the italian businessman was helped down from the vatican city landmark by firefighters last night. he was on top of the 426-foot-high dome for more than
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24 hours. the protest was to draw attention to italy's economic reforms. he reportedly lost his restaurant in a fire, and he can't get a new loan. he ended the protest after an italian official agreed to meet with him and some other business owners. tensions are rising between syria and turkey, after yesterday's deadly attack on civilians. five people were killed after that syrian mortar attack on a turkish town. turk your fired back. nato is looking at whether syria's attack is an act of war. >> reporter: for a second straight day, the turkish military has shelled positions inside syria and according to at least one human rights organization has killed syrian soldiers as a result of that shelling. it comes on a day after a syrian mortar landed in a turkish border town that killed five people, including a mother and her three children. meanwhile, nato, the alliance
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that the united states and other european countries are a part of, have been holding emergency sessions. they're debating whether or not the attack on turkey justifies a response from the entire nato alliance. >> citizens have been killed inside turkey. by forces from another country. so we express our strong solidarity with turkey. but we don't want to see a continuing escalation of this incident. >> reporter: there is an article in the charter of that organization that says an attack on one country constitutes an attack on all of its members, justifying the use of military force. but it is the latest example as to how the conflict in syria is now spiraling out of control and jeopardizing the entire region with more conflict. nbc news, istanbul. family and friends of the border agent who was killed in arizona on tuesday spoke publicly today about their loss. 30-year-old nicholas ivy and two other men were patrolling the
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border with mexico near arizona when gunfire broke out. today members of ivy's family spoke out about the wife and two daughters that he left behind, as well as his love for his job. >> nick was a loving husband, father, friend to everybody. >> nick is one of those people that you will be very hard pressed to find anybody that he has rubbed wrong. there's not a bad bone in his body. i honestly believe he probably befriended many of those people that he was out there serving. >> authorities from mexico are holding two men they believe may be connected with that shooting. a scientist from the university of chicago is credited with discovering a new species of dinosaur. it's called pego mastax, the size of a house cat but has teeth like a vampire and quills like a porcupine. this animation shows you what it
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might have looked like 200 million years ago. not too cute. the fossil was discovered in south africa. the scientist came across it in 1983. but only published his finding this week. he said he simply got busy with other research. small, but dangerous. >> oh, my goodness. how could you discover a dinosaur and be too busy to mention it. >> i know. >> warm out there today. kind of weirdly warm. >> weirdly warm, where, you know, something is going to happen. you wait, wait for it. wait for it. it's coming. wait for it. in the meantime, let me show you this. because what is going to bring changes to our area brought this. some of the first snow of the season. yep, fargo, north dakota, they got it early this morning. several inches already that caused some travel troubles. of course, the kids are never bothered with that. 3.5 inches this morning. they could see 6 to 12 in some
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areas just north of fargo, north dakota. again, all part of this weather system that will be sinking south, bringing some much cooler air our way. today's high temperature 80 degrees. that was well above the average high of 72 degrees. the average high for november 12th is 59 degrees. why am i talking about november 12th? you'll see in just a moment. let's talk what's going on out there right now. 79 the temperature at reagan national airport. breezes out of the northwest, a dry wind for us, coming in behind this weather front. 59 degrees the dew point. humidity also dropping. so we're whisking out that humidity. it's going to be a less humid day tomorrow. still a day that's going to feel mighty fine. we're at 73 degrees now in gaithersburg, 79 fort belvoir, falls church 74 degrees. green belt, prince george's county, 76 degrees your temperature. so again we have the showers around this morning, the clouds hung in until about 2:00 today
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and quickly we cleared out. temperatures starting to drop off right now. and they've been dropping off in a big way up across the midwest in northern plains. 47 degrees the current temperature. minneapolis, minnesota, 50 degrees in kansas city. this is the air behind this front. the front that will move into our air on saturday. and move through our area on sunday. that chilly air will come down to the south into the ohio valley. for saturday, ohio, kentucky, missouri. then on sunday, it arrives here. we'll have several days with significantly cooler air over us, highs in the low 60s coming up with, i think sunday being the coolest out of the bunch. sunshine on tap for tomorrow. as we get into saturday, that front comes in. we'll see some showers around the area on saturday. i think it will be a partly sunny day with scattered generally light showers. as we get into sunday, another little wave of low pressure will develop along that front and bring more widespread rains
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through the area. so sunday is looking pretty wet. and sunday again is that day that's going to be cool. we're 63 to 70 here for your evening forecast. again clearing out. a little breezy. the winds will start to subside as we get past sunset. we're mostly clear and cool for tomorrow morning. 52 to 60 degrees. for tomorrow afternoon, 78 to 83 degrees. you've got to plan something for tomorrow. at least early in the day. four-day forecast, here we go. 76 on saturday. it will feel like fall. sunday, your high temperature 59 degrees. again feeling more like november 12th. cool stuff for monday. jim, since you were so tickled by our video yesterday, of theodore running and winning his race, i thought i'd bring you some different kind of video today of cars. because i know how much you love the classics. >> i'll take all of them. every one of them. >> this is downtown silver spring, out front the
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headquarters of discovery communications. it's the one-year anniversary of the show velocity. that's a cool show if you've ever watched it. it's all about exotic cars and classic cars. so the weather held out. and it was perfect. a lot of folks, little kids, they loved the motorcycles. classic cars. that's a look at what was going on. that was a one-day event. >> so we can't check it out tomorrow when we have another nice day. >> no. but you'll have to catch the show on discovery. >> any of them for sale? >> i doubt it. >> okay. >> you can ask. >> in your price range do you think? >> that's a whole different story. president obama and governor romney moved on after their debate. but somebody is still on damage control. a new plan that could change the way the d.c. fire department responds to emergencies in the city. not everybody is happy about that. coming up in sports, the baseball postseason is here. and the nats are ready for
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whichever team they will have to face on sunday. buck showalter's boys with a winner takes all, and the redskins prepare for a team that just k
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we're covering breaking news in northwest d.c. where firefighters are on the scene of a two-alarm house fire. they're searching for possibly trapped people inside the home. we're told one person inside the house managed to jump out and that person is now getting treatment from the paramedics. firefighters are searching the second floor for the report of one person still trapped inside. we will bring you the latest as we get more details. again, that's a house fire in northwest d.c., first and k streets. reflecting pool on the national mall reopened just over
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a month ago, but again, tonight, it is once again drained. dozens of workers are there scrubbing and cleaning a growing problem with algae. keith russell was reporting that the national park service is determined to restore the pool to its iconic status. >> reporter: imagine traveling across the country, or better yet, around the world, your one shot to experience the national mall. you may feel you got cheated. >> the last day here. we are going back to nepal. our team. so we came here to see. and we are very, yeah, disappointed. >> reporter: this couple was from washington. the state of washington. >> i'm 74. i'll never make it back here again. >> we understand that our visitors are disappointed that there's limited access, that there's not water in the pool. we appreciate their patience. >> reporter: a $34 million renovation project didn't quite do the trick.
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tack on $100,000 more, tons of manpower and equipment, clearing algae from the reflecting pool, still has had its challenges. >> it's very difficult. it's slippery when you walk on it. when you try to grind it up with the shovels it just sticks to the bottom. every time we try to get it sucked up the hoses, it just sticks inside the hoses. it's a tedious job. >> reporter: the complete removal process could possibly take three more days. but doubling the ozone level of the water as it's refilled should stop algae from reappearing. wan week we should all be able to reflect on a minor setback for one of the unique treasures in this city. >> we want to get it into the shape that it should be for the visitors. >> reporter: at the lincoln memorial, keith russell, news4. american airlines says 48 of its planes have been inspected and crews are taking extra steps to make sure seats remain locked in place during flight. the work is expected to be done by saturday. several newly installed cabin seats came loose on three recent
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flights involving boeing 757s. those jets had to make unscheduled landings. kitchenaid is apologizing now for an offensive tweet about the president's grandmother. that tweet was sent during the debate last night. the tweet read, obama's grandma even knew it was going to be bad. she died three days before he became president, end quote. that message was quickly dele d deleted. the senior director of the company called it a tasteless joke written by an employee who no longer will be treating for the company. a shakeup at d.c. fire and ems. news4 has learned details about what the fire chief calls a major change for his department. but as jackie bensen reports, there are questions about whether his plans can you implemented. >> reporter: d.c. officials estimate 1,000 new residents move into the city every month. that, and other factors have increased the demand on the d.c. fire and ems service at a time
6:32 pm
when record numbers of employ s employees --. it's now 85% of what was not long ago known simply as the d.c. fire department. >> our call volume is highest during the day. rather than have a system where we deploy folks in 12 hours in the morning and 12 hours at night, we looked at a different model to deploy folks dynamically through the day to respond to our higher call volume during the day. >> reporter: he drew criticism from union members earlier thissier this year. it allowed many to live as far away as north carolina. ellerbe said the new power shifts will nearly double the amount of paramedics and emergency medical technicians on the street from roughly 25 to 45
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during the busiest times of the day. the area's ever-increasing traffic congestion also plays a role. >> we know our employees get worn out in the course of a 12-hour shift. what we're doing is deploying folks at 9:00, 11:00, throughout the day, to replenish our force over what we call force multiplier during the course of the day when our call volume is the highest. >> reporter: a spokesman said, we have seen the proposal, but have not been involved in any talks about implementation. we certainly have logistical concerns about how it would be put into effect. a spokesman for the union that represents emergency services providers in the field says he feels that this plan is just what his people need to get some relief. in northwest washington, jackie bensen, news4. those power shifts as they're called are scheduled to begin in about a middle east. people who live in montgomery and prince george's counties could see a hike in their water bills by next summer. the question is, how much.
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the counties have started talks with the washington suburban sanitary commission to establish a new budget for the water agency. the wsse said the rate increase of 9.5% for the average household might be necessary after projected costs are considered. but wsse says that number could change. both county councils would have to approve it before any rate hike goes into effect. they'll take up the issue today. residents can voice their matter on the opinion on tuesday. the final decision won't be made until springtime. dealing with broken escalators is a daily struggle for metro riders who use the dupont circle station. their troubles are almost over. new escalators being installed will be up and running
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>> in july of 2010, multiple escalator failures caused chaos, endangering thousands of commuters who had to walk the 291 steps to the surface with some passengers climbing over ours to get out. since this past february, the south entrance has been closed o for construction crews to
6:36 pm
replace the three escalators. it has been an inconvenience for passengers, and has hurt business along 19th street. now comes the good news. here's your first look at the escalators to the south entrance at the dupont station. >> we're basically at a point where they're in place, wiring them up for power, network connectivity, putting in the final steps. >> reporter: the new escalators still have to undergo a safety certification, so that when this south entrance to the dupont circle station is open, metro can feel comfortable that it is totally reliable. >> i'm definitely somebody who's constantly using the metro. so it's definitely important they get it up and running. >> reporter: metro isn't giving an exact date, but says the south entrance at the dupont circle station will be open before the end of the month. chris gordon, news4. a man in virginia had a love for exotic animals but it may have gotten him killed.
6:37 pm
a skins fan with a green thumb.
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a richmond area family's mourning the loss of a man apparently killed by one of his 40 pet snakes. 70-year-old jack redmond died monday in his chesterfield county home. his wife discovered his body. family members said redmond was fighting cancer but the medical examiner ruled his death was caused by a snake bite. they removed dozens of snakes from the house. 24 of them were poisonous. burgundy, gold and brown are not usually colors that you want to see on your lawn, but there's a serious redskins fan who loves it. he considers himself the skins' number one fan. says he grew up watching sonny,
6:41 pm
billy and joe theismann. now use his talents as a landscaper to show his true colors. >> when i started, i just started with the redskins head, and i kept looking at it and said, something is missing. and then i got my my shovel, and when i finished, i ended up with this. >> gillespie says he spends a few hundred bucks every year on mulch to freshen up his display. he said it holds up pretty well through the wind and rain. >> still looks like he's got to cut the grass. still looks like a challenge. >> just the trees. >> what are we working on? >> that fan must be nervous, because it's a tough test this weekend. rg3 picks up another award for the redskins. are the terps expecting twins in recruiting? nationals traveling down any road in
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welcome back. storm team 4 meteorologist
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veronica johnson here. we're going to round out the week with fantastic weather. look at the fall color right around the potomac right now. coming along. we've got peak color coming up mid to late october. 79 degrees right now with a light wind. a dry wind for us. expecting dry conditions, finally tomorrow morning. we'll start out on the cool side, in the 50s, low and mid-50s in the northern and western suburbs. high tomorrow, 82 to 83. it's going to be mild. it's going to be fantastic with sunshine around. then it's cover-up weather for the second half of the weekend. a few showers on saturday. the high 66. 59 for a high temperature on sunday. and on top of that, it's looking a little wet for sunday. carol's here. you would think if you got the best record in all of major league baseball -- >> go get them. >> it would be to your
6:46 pm
advantage, right? you don't even know who you're going to play, but you have to start on the road. >> i know. >> let me explain it to you. the nationals will take their show on the road to either atlanta or st. louis. it depends on who wins the winner take all wild card tomorrow. we know they're playing either the cardinals or braves on sunday. the fans debate which team they want, which team will be better for them. the players are ready for both. >> we talked about that yesterday and today, who we want to play here. we have san francisco, we could go to atlanta. st. louis. i think the consensus is nobody really cares. they're all pretty good ball clubs obviously. we're going to have to face them at one time or another.
6:47 pm
>> the point we're at now, if we want to do what we want to do, we have to beat really good teams no matter what. this is where the good teams are. there's really not a weak team. anyone we play, we're going to have to play our best baseball to win. that's what we look forward to doing. >> well, we look forward to seeing it. again, they'll start play on the road. jim so happy. on sunday in either atlanta or st. louis. just waiting to see what happens tomorrow afternoon in the wild card game. the nats' first home game will be on monday, and if necessary, thursday and friday. times have not yet been announced for any of the nats division series games. opportunity knocked last night for the os with a win over tampa. the birds would have won the a.l. east, but the rays were ready to play spoilers. tampa, 1-0. evan longoria, already with a homer on the night, a solo shot to left.
6:48 pm
3-0 in the sixth. longoria steps to the plate again. his swing is the thing. on the last day of the season. another home run. this time to center. three home runs of the game for longoria. the rays beat the orioles 4-1. birds have to settle for the second wild card spot. they'll play the rangers at texas tomorrow. after a long wild season, buck showalter is taking them one game at a time because he has to. >> you play so many games, it's hard to do what our team and the rangers are being asked to do. it's hard to pitch in the american league. these are the best players in the world. we've got nine innings. just one of those things you can't hide anything, you show them yours, and they show you yours. see how it will turn out. and i'll have a pretty good seat. >> we'll be watching. opening pitch tomorrow night at 8:30. another award for rg3.
6:49 pm
griffin named the nfl offensive rookie of the month for september. kerrigan earned the same award last year with the defense. rg3 is leading the way for the skins. fourth highest offense in the league. griffin is getting it done with both his arms and legs. his four rushing touchdowns are tied for most in the league. guess who is right there with him, his teammate alfred morris and hughes tons' foster. matt ryan comes in as the highest rated player. going long, going short, ryan's been getting it done. and he presents what may be the toughest test to the skins "d" this season. >> matt ryan has been playing
6:50 pm
lights-out. mvp right now the first four weeks of the season. definitely the best passing tech we'll face this season. >> you can see he's taking the next step this year. he's playing at the highest level of any quarterback in this league probably. right now he's playing very well. and they're really firing on all cylinders. >> matt ryan is playing extremely well. the two big receivers they have. those guys are playing great. tony gonzalez doesn't look like he's slowing down at all. got excellent running back. the offensive line is good. it's going to be a tough challenge for us. >> oh, yes, it will. they'll kick off on sunday at fedex. five-star twin guards andrew and aaron harrison sought after by coaches across the country. after narrowing their choice, they went on national tv this afternoon to announce their intention. it was between maryland, kentucky, or smu. >> for the next four years we'll
6:51 pm
be attending the university of kentucky. >> i think coach calipari presented a challenge for us. and he just told us from day one it was going to be hard and tough, and he was going to push us every day. that's what we wanted to hear. we just want to become better players. >> that's disappointing, for the boys, right? they don't know what they're missing here with the terps. one final note today, the nhl canceled the first two weeks of the regular season. lockout is in its 18th day with no new labor talks scheduled. >> that's bad news. it's also bad news for what's his name down in kentucky. how do you know which one you need to discipline? >> i feel sorry for those boys. they didn't pick maryland. they don't know what they're missing. >> and they looked older, very mature for high school. >> they'll probably go right to the nba. >> happy for them. >> thanks, carol. coming up, a milestone for com[ male announcer ]e for for the dreamers...
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because we know how important cash flow is to reaching your goals. pnc bank. for the achiever in you. you are happy to show off
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your nat-itude, it seems. we asked for pictures of the biggest nats fans in our area and you responded in a big way. keep sending your photos of your kids, your pets, yourselves decked out in nationals colors and we may use them on air or on you can also send your photos to >> see the dogs in the corner? they're so cute. look. they have hats. >> oh, a little doggy baseball caps. >> so cute. and you like teddy, too, we know. the weather tomorrow sounds so good, we need a repeat. >> okay. we'll get a repeat. we'll have it. but it's not going to last for long. just one more day. we've got the november chill that's going to be headed in, and have some of you probably turning the heat on this weekend. i know. we've got a whole other season coming up this weekend. we pan around and you can see the clouds have pretty much left
6:56 pm
our area. we had a cloud cover until about noon, 1:00 today. now let's talk about what's going to be moving in. again, i'm tracking this cold air, and it's just that, cold air right now, it will modify as it heads down to the south. it gets to us this weekend, on sunday, your high temperature on sunday only 59 degrees. so tomorrow, if you're going to western maryland, imagine what it will feel like. 83 tomorrow with sunshine. it's going to be warm. reaching a milestone today. facebook now has 1 billion users. the company also has shareholders now. the initial public offering in may did not go as smoothly as
6:57 pm
investors had hoped. and the stock value has dropped 40% since then. zuckerberg told matt lawyer recently when he's not at work, he tries to keep life simple. he even wears the same shirt every day. >> if you can see my closet -- >> you have 12 of those t-shirts? >> maybe about 20. but it's like my closet, my wife has a bunch of stuff, although her drawer is permanently scrubbed, like a hospital. i get one drawer. >> you mean at home you have one drawer of a wardrobe closet? >> like men everywhere. >> not everywhere, dude. matt lauer will have moren of the interview with mark zuckerberg tonight at 10:00. >> his money is stuffed away in the other closet. >> why do you need another drawer anyhow. "nightly news" coming up next.
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